SDF denies infiltrating areas controlled by Turkey in northeastern Syria


Shafaq News/ Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) on Monday refuted a statement of the Turkish Ministry of Defense reporting an attempt of SDF fighters to infiltrate a Turkish-controlled area in northeastern Syria.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense stated yesterday, Sunday, that it neutralized three SDF fighters who attempted to infiltrate the Turkish-controlled "Peace Spring" area in northeastern Syria.

"On February 18, the Ministry of Defense of the Turkish occupation state claimed that two of our fighters intended to cross into the areas under their occupation," said the SDF Media Center.

"We affirm that this information is false and untrue and that the Turkish occupation State with these statements is trying to create pretexts and arguments to justify its attacks and occupation of the region," the statement stressed.

SDF demanded Turkey via the Coalition and Russian channels to abide by its pledges and refrain from escalation on multiple occasions. However, Turkey and its proxies continue to carry out daily incursions to the areas controlled by SDF in northeastern Syria.

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