Russian Envoy Slams Jeddah Summit on Ukraine, Calls it a "Failed American Attempt"

Russian Envoy Slams Jeddah Summit on Ukraine, Calls it a "Failed American Attempt"

Shafaq News/ Russia's Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, has branded the recent Jeddah meeting on Ukraine as a "failed American attempt based on wishful thinking," highlighting the indispensable role of Russia in achieving any substantial progress.

Antonov, as the Novosti News Agency reported, denounced the Jeddah summit, characterizing it as a diplomatic disappointment and yet another ill-fated endeavor by the US administration. He criticized the meeting for failing to achieve diplomatic success and contributing tangibly towards isolating Russia.

"The Jeddah meeting did not yield any diplomatic triumph, and we witnessed yet another futile endeavor orchestrated by the American administration under the veil of wishful thinking," commented Antonov.

He emphasized that while Washington endeavored to showcase a unified front of support from southern nations to marginalize Russia in its new initiative, he raised serious doubts about the meeting's effectiveness in producing tangible outcomes sans Russia's active involvement.

"Consequently, the anticipated result of the meeting points towards the absence of a consensus position for resolving the Ukraine crisis. The much-debated 'Kyiv peace formula' garnered no support whatsoever," Antonov affirmed.

Antonov further criticized Washington's strategy of sidelining Russia from crucial negotiations and rebuked it for attempting to assume the role of a "peace sponsor" while concurrently extending military support to Kyiv, a reference to the supply of tanks to Ukraine.

The Jeddah consultations about the Ukraine crisis took place on August 5 and 6, attracting representation from more than 40 countries, including Brazil, Britain, India, China, the United States, Turkey, South Africa, and the European Union. Remarkably absent from the proceedings was the Russian delegation.

The participants agreed to continue discussions toward peace.

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