Kamala Harris announces readiness to take over Biden's duties

Kamala Harris announces readiness to take over Biden's duties

Shafaq News / On Monday, US Vice President Kamala Harris declared her readiness to serve her country amid renewed debates about President Joe Biden's age and mental capabilities.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Harris responded to concerns about the president's age, stating, "I am ready to serve my country, there is no question about that," affirming that anyone observing her activities "will conclude that she is fully capable of assuming leadership."

The interview, took place two days before the comments of prosecutor Robert Hor, last Thursday, regarding Biden's memory at the age of 81. These comments impacted the election campaign, just nine months before the November presidential elections, where Biden is likely to face former Republican President Donald Trump.

The day after the prosecutor's report was published, Harris defended the president, condemning the "political motives" behind the prosecutor's comments.

While the US Constitution stipulates that the vice president assumes the presidency in the event of the president's death or inability to fulfill his duties, this does not automatically make Harris the Democratic Party's candidate if Biden exits the race for any reason.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Democratic officials emphasize that there is no serious discussion about replacing Biden in the presidential race this year, pointing out that the primary election nomination period has already ended.

In the event of unexpected circumstances leading to Biden's withdrawal, Harris would need to secure the required number of delegates to take his place at the party convention in August.

The US newspaper noted that Harris has taken on additional responsibilities in recent months, overseeing the abortion rights file, heading a new office to prevent gun violence, and playing a prominent role in the administration's handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Harris, who participated in phone calls with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and delivered a strong speech in Dubai about the conflict, pushed the administration to show more empathy for the Palestinians and focus on Gaza's future after the conflict.

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