Israeli security minister targeted, cell planning attacks on sensitive facilities disrupted

Israeli security minister targeted, cell planning attacks on sensitive facilities disrupted

Shafaq News/ On Thursday, the General Security Service in Israel (Shin Bet) announced the dismantling of a cell composed of Israeli Arabs and Palestinians planning operations against sensitive facilities and the assassination of Israeli Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir.

Shin Bet stated that "as part of joint activity between the General Security Service, the Southern District of the Israeli Police, and the Israeli Army, an infrastructure composed of Israeli Arabs (Palestinians from areas within Israel) and Palestinians from the occupied West Bank was discovered plotting operations across Israel."

In this context, cell members also planned to assassinate Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir in Kiryat Arba, using rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) they were attempting to acquire.

Furthermore, the cell planned to rent land in Rahat (Negev) or in the West Bank to establish a factory through which they would disguise an underground complex used for training and manufacturing combat equipment.

Cell infrastructure attempted to communicate with Hamas in Gaza to obtain sponsorship, financial support, and guidance for their activities.

One of the suspects in the West Bank was in contact with a Hamas activist in Gaza who offered funding to carry out operations in Israel.

Shin Bet pointed out that the suspects also allegedly planned attacks in Haifa, at Ben Gurion Airport, and government buildings in Kiryat Arba in Jerusalem, as well as army bases. Additionally, they planned to kidnap an Israeli citizen for negotiating the release of security prisoners, attack various military bases, target Rafael's facility, kidnap Druze individuals from the Galilee, and hijack a bus of soldiers from the central station in Be'er Sheva to Gaza.

According to the statement, a large number of suspects were arrested from Israel and the West Bank, including five residents of Rahat in the Negev: Bilal Nassasra, the head of the cell responsible for recruiting activists from Israel; Sami Al-Suwaiti; Hamza Gayath; Saud Abu Laban; and Sameh Al-Obra.

The other two from the central region are Youssef Abu Holi from Lod and Fahmi Katani from the Wadi Ara area.

The four from the West Bank are Akram Amer from Tulkarm, responsible for recruiting activists in the West Bank; Muhammad Sabah from Tulkarm; Ahmed Atiq from Jenin; and Ahmed Saleh.

This is not the first time Shin Bet has revealed the thwarting of a plot to assassinate Ben-Gvir. In September last year, it announced the dismantling of a "cell receiving orders from Iran" planning to assassinate the minister, who is considered one of the most hardlines in Israeli government history.

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