Family of Scottish dad detained in Qatar turn to David Beckham in desperate plea


Shafaq News / The family of a Scottish dad facing two years in a Qatar jail over a £20,000 debt have called on sporting hero David Beckham to help free him.

Brian Glendinning, from Fife, arrived in Iraq for a new role within BP oil refinery but found himself in handcuffs and later taken to Qatar over a debt built up through the Middle Eastern country's national bank.

The 43-year-old now faces being extradited over a Red Notice from Qatar as his desperate family scramble to raise over £40,000 to bring him home. As the Record reports, Brian has now been in prison for four weeks and his children have now turned to the former England footballer to support their father's release.

In a statement on Thursday they said: "We are asking everyone and anyone with influence and connections with Qatar to please help save our Dad.

"David Beckham is the international face of football, he agreed to a £10 million deal with Qatar to act as an ambassador for the country.

"Since Doha is hosting the World Cup this year, we just hope he may be able to use his position to convince Qatar to let our father come home."

Interpol expert Radha Stirling, founder of IPEX, is supporting the family. She said with the World Cup coming up, Qatar 'should be mindful' of rights attacks towards foreigners.

Ms Stirling said: "Brian needs public support. He needs the support of influencers and people who can have a real impact on Qatar's authorities, particularly in the context of the World Cup.

"Unfortunately, the UK Government has compromised their own ability to influence Doha, with tens of billions of pounds flowing into the British economy from Qatar.

"The FCDO has little leverage. But Qatari officials are cognizant of their country's image, and want the World Cup to proceed without a glitch.

"If someone like David Beckham uses his celebrity and influence to advocate for Brian, it could make a huge difference."

Brian, a construction engineer, took out a £20,000 loan from the bank in 2016 while he was working in Doha. While making regular repayments, he lost his job and fell behind due to sickness. When he arrived in Iraq in September, he was arrested at the airport and later appeared in court where a judge ordered him to be transported to Baghdad.

Brain's mum Meta said she has written from the heart when emailing David Beckham. She said: "I have emailed Mr Beckham asking as an ambassador for United Kingdom, due to earn millions promoting Qatar for the World Cup, how would he feel if his son was imprisoned in this country for five weeks now in poor heath.

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