Ansarallah's leader bans Israeli-affiliated ships from Indian Ocean

Ansarallah's leader bans Israeli-affiliated ships from Indian Ocean

Shafaq News/Ansarallah's leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi declared on Thursday a ban on Israeli-affiliated vessels from traversing the Indian Ocean towards the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

During a televised address, al-Houthi asserted, "If Muslims earnestly backed the resistance, the landscape of the conflict in Gaza would have been altered."

He contended that "the reluctance and capitulation of Arab Muslims, particularly the majority of Arabs, contribute to the atrocity of the century against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip."

Al-Houthi elaborated, "The Israeli adversary is perpetrating the crime of the century with the complicity of Americans and Western nations…American landing operations only meet a fraction of the requirements, designed to dupe public opinion into sustaining criminal activities... In return for limited aid to the people of Gaza, America supplies tons of bombs to kill them."

Ansarallah (Houthis) have been launching frequent drone and missile attacks on international commercial ships in the Gulf of Aden since mid-November. They claim solidarity with Palestinians facing Israel's actions in Gaza. These near-daily assaults have compelled companies to redirect their ships through longer and more expensive routes around Africa, sparking concerns about potential destabilization in the Middle East amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

In response to these attacks, the United States and Britain have targeted Houthi assets.

The impact of the Houthi decision reaches halfway to the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, a 20-kilometer-wide passage that serves as the gateway to the Red Sea. Approximately 15% of global shipping traffic transits through this strait to and from the Suez Canal.

Despite many Western accusations suggesting Iran influences Houthis to target vessels, both Tehran and the Yemeni group deny such claims. Iran asserts that Ansarallah makes independent decisions akin to other movements in the "Axis of Resistance," which includes Lebanon's Hezbollah, Iraqi factions, and others.

All groups within the Axis have declared that their attacks will persist until a ceasefire is achieved in the Gaza Strip, where Israel's actions have resulted in the deaths of over 32,000 Palestinians, predominantly children and women.

The Israeli aggression has also displaced approximately 1.5 million people, leading to the destruction of infrastructure, hospitals, schools, and even UN facilities.

The United Nations reports that the Gaza Strip is currently experiencing famine conditions, exacerbated by Tel Aviv's rejection of humanitarian aid through Rafah.

Tragically, dozens of children, including newborns in Gaza have died of hunger so far.

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