A Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier attacked in Red Sea

A Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier attacked in Red Sea

Shafaq News/ Two missiles attacked a ship in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait on Monday, believed to be Yemen's Houthis responsibility.

According to British maritime security firm Ambrey, the targeted vessel is a Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier owned by Greece.

The attack occurred within two minutes in separate incidents while the ship was transiting through the strait.

The ship reported seeing a projectile near it, and while no injuries were reported, it is unclear how much damage the vessel incurred.

The Houthis have not claimed responsibility for the attack at the time of reporting.

The Houthis, also known as Ansarallah, started their operations in the Red Sea, preventing all Israeli or Israeli-related from passing through Bab Al-Mandeb.

The group said that all its operations are in solidarity with the Palestinians and against the Israeli aggression against Gaza, which has killed so far more than 29,000 Palestinians, mostly children and women.

The Yemeni group, which controls most of Yemen, including the vital capital, Sanaa, is a key player in the region and a main part of the Iran-backed Axis of Resistance. This umbrella includes Iraqi factions, Lebanese Hezbollah, and Palestinian factions.

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