KRG Interior Ministry issues new curfew orders

KRG Interior Ministry issues new curfew orders

Shafaq News / Interior Ministry of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) revealed on Monday, the fate of security cadres or employees and people stranded in other Iraqi provinces after a total lockdown was imposed in the region.

 “Civilians, employees and security personnel will go though the total   prohibition measures as they will not be allowed to move between cities of the region throughout the specified period,” a statement of the Ministry of the Interior received by Shafaq News Agency, stated.

"Those groups must stay in their places and take all preventive measures towards the virus."

KRG Ministry of Interior has announced Sunday midnight, a total curfew for a week after the unexpected rate of Corona infection.

According to a statement of the KRG Interior Ministry, the curfew between the governorates of the region starts from midnight 31/5 to midnight 6/6, while curfew between cities begins from tomorrow at 6 p.m. until midnight of June 6.

The curfew measures included, according to the statement, “the suspension of official working hours, closing of all places except pharmacies and bakeries, opening vegetables and fruits markets while allowing only the sale of vegetables in mobile cars within residential neighborhoods, the suspension of the electronic form - for transportation between governorates - from 8 a.m. tomorrow, Monday, closing Border crossings and airports for passengers until 6/6, closing all mosques and places of worship.

Kurdistan Interior Ministry vowed legal accountability for "anyone who promotes against the lockdown decision in social media."

The decision came after the Ministry of Health of Kurdistan Region registered on Sunday 31/5, the largest daily death toll from Corona virus, which reached 104 people, most of whom were diagnosed in Sulaimaniyah, including one death.

The cumulative total of infections in Kurdistan Region reached 710 cases, including 7 deaths, 420 recoveries, while 283 are under medical care.

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