KRG delegation responds on a letter sent by Baghdad to Erbil: Source


Shafaq News / The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) revealed on Saturday, that the federal government in Baghdad delivered a message to Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) by the Deputy Prime Minister of KRG, Qubad Talabani.

"Talabani carried a message from the Iraqi government and leaders to KRG,” An informed source in PUK told Shafaq News.

Regarding the content of the message, he said, "The Iraqi government requested to hand over the oil file in addition to all federal imports, such as customs and taxes."

"KRG delegation will go again to Baghdad tomorrow to complete its talks,” The source added.

The deputy of KDP, Ribwar Karim said earlier to Shafaq News that , "A high-level delegation from KRG will visit, the capital, Baghdad on Sunday to complete the dialogues with the federal government on salaries and dues of the region."

He added that "the delegation will meet during his visit, Deputy Prime Minister, Oil Minister Thamer Al-Ghadban, Finance Minister Fuad Hussein and a number of officials and leaders of political blocs."

Karim pointed out that "the delegation will focus during its visits on completing dialogues and files related to the center and the region, including the salaries of employees and the region's dues in the general budget."

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