KRG approves important decisions to reduce expenses due to the financial crisis


Shafaq News / Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Council of Ministers issued a set of important decisions on Wednesday to confront the financial crisis in the region, which is represented by the drop in oil prices due to the spread of Corona virus in addition to cutting the salaries of the region by the federal government.

A statement issued by the council stated that it was decided to reduce salaries and financial dues for the higher job levels and special degrees represented by the presidency of Kurdistan Region and the presidency of the region’s government, members of Parliament, the Judicial Council, the Provincial Council and municipal and military services, internal security forces and (Asayish) public security forces, retirees and those who will be referred to retirement within these grades.

The statement indicated that the nominal salary will be spent only for the special grades of the general , higher general managers , heads of executive units in the governorate , the administration managers and directors of district, as the Ministry of Finance and Economy must, within a period of 30 days and the framework of the reform law, resolve their career fate.

The statement stressed that the Ministry of Finance and Economy must pay the salaries of those who are registered in the biometric system and those who have actual service, as well as cut the salaries of those people who do not have an effective service.

The statement noted to the reduction of the operational budget to the lowest level, except that it is disbursed to the main areas such as medicine, medical and laboratory equipment, hospital food, prisons, nursing homes, homeless people, children, cleaning cities, regions and hospitals, water supplies, and the vicinity of the electricity production and paving roads and emphasized on stopping the investment spending budget (ministries projects and governorate development).

The statement stressed the suspension of direct spending by the ministries from their revenues, noting that a review of spending on services in the oil and gas field is carried out.

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