Erbil advises not to take five vital routes


Shafaq News / The Traffic Directorate in Erbil on Thursday called on drivers not to take five vital routes due to the vision clarity difficulty as a result of snowfall.

"We call the attention of drivers and citizens because of the snowfall that has swept through Kurdistan region, including Erbil city and its districts, they will have difficulty in going through a number of routes," traffic spokesman ,Fadhil Haji said in a statement.

He pointed out that the roads are: Erbil - Pirmam, Erbil - Shaqlawa and from Pirmam Gate to Shaqlawa, Shaqlawa - Hiran Road, Darband Safeen - Hiran Road, and Zintar –Balesan -Rania.

The spokesman advised citizens not to take these routes if not for utmost necessity.

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