"VISION" Library inaugurated in Erbil, boosting education in Kurdistan Region

"VISION" Library inaugurated in Erbil, boosting education in Kurdistan Region

Shafaq News/ The "VISION" library was formally inaugurated on Wednesday at the Catholic University in Erbil (CUE) through the funding provided by the "Vision Education" company.

Established in Erbil in 2018, "Vision Education" is a company dedicated to education and media. Its overarching vision is to contribute to developing a prosperous and enlightened society in the Kurdistan Region.

According to Shafaq News Agency's correspondent, the opening ceremony witnessed the presence of various distinguished guests, including religious, political, and governmental figures.

During her address at the event, Sarah Salah al-Din Mustafa, the Executive Director of Vision Education, highlighted the "profound role" that books play in developing societies. Emphasizing Kurdistan's need for a "wealth of books to build a brighter future."

Mustafa praised the "resilience" of intellectuals in Kurdistan who have preserved the Kurdish language and culture.

Mustafa underlined the "remarkable talents of Kurdish youth." "it is our duty to provide them with a conducive environment for growth and learning."

She expressed the unwavering commitment of "Vision Education" to the transformative power of education and its dedication to institutions that drive positive societal change, highlighting that the Vision Library is one of the most significant projects of the organization.

"In the current year, Vision Education has made substantial contributions to the education landscape in the Kurdistan Region, extending support to four universities in Erbil, Duhok, Zakho, Al-Sulaymaniya, Soran, and Qalat Diza, benefiting over 65,000 government students."

"Mr. Nechirvan Barzani (the Kurdish president), during the most tumultuous years, even amid civil strife, stood as a staunch supporter of the Kurdish language, literature, and arts. His vision was a reason for supporting books and their lovers and protecting the works of dozens of Kurdish writers without discrimination, and this was a reason for alleviating the culture of non-acceptance of others and establishing a culture of freedom of expression and building critical thinking."

Mustafa said this vision bore fruit in the form of vital institutions in Paris and Tehran that have "published over 4,000 books and magazines and organized dozens of youth centers, cultural activities, and conferences, breathing life into our language, poetry, and literature."

"For the first time in the history of the Kurdish people, the different ideologies behind books were respected. Kurdish writers benefited from this situation in the four parts of Kurdistan, the Soviet Union, European countries, and the Yazidi brothers in Armenia."

Mustafa expressed her gratitude to Mr. Idris Nechirvan Barzani, President of "Vision Education," for his "visionary leadership" and to Bishop Bashar Warda, whose support ensured the successful realization of the "Vision" library project. She also sincerely thanks the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and all government institutions for their support and facilitation.

In turn, Miwan Dolmeri, a representative of "Vision Education," affirmed that the Library is accessible to all citizens in the Kurdistan Region.

"The Library houses an impressive collection of 20,000 books across various fields." And it is open to the public.

Dolmari stated that this initiative is part of "Vision Education's" comprehensive program aimed at enhancing the education sector in the Kurdistan Region. He emphasized that the Library represents just the beginning, with "Vision Education" planning numerous projects to further strengthen the Region's education sector in close collaboration with regional government agencies.

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