President Barzani: the chemical attack on Halabja showed the utter cruelty against the Kurdish people


Shafaq News/ On the 35th anniversary of the chemical attack on Halabja, the president of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, salute the memory of the “fallen heroes and pay tribute to their families and loved ones.”

“The chemical attack on Halabja showed the utter cruelty of the perpetrators and the depth of the oppression against the people of Kurdistan. Within minutes, the infamous attack took the lives of five thousand innocent people, and wounded thousands of others. It left behind a devastated environment and displaced innumerable families. But it did not break the will of the people of Kurdistan and their aspiration for freedom.” The presidency said in a statement.

“By commemorating this calamity, the people of Kurdistan will remind today’s generations and the world of the sacrifices they made for freedom. It also places a moral duty on all countries to make every effort to ensure that such crimes are never repeated anywhere.”

“On this occasion, we thank the Federal Government and all relevant parties in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region for completing the procedures for the provincialization of Halabja. We emphasize that the people and the city of Halabja need more services in all areas. They must be compensated without delay and as decided by the court.”

“As we remember this horrendous tragedy and the innocent victims, we look forward to a better future. We will continue our work and efforts for unity and solidarity which will safeguard the achievements, the constitutional rights and the federal status of the Kurdistan Region.” The statement concluded

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