Peshmerga bids farewell to the U.S. official Teichert


Shafaq News / The Ministry of Peshmerga announced, on Wednesday the termination of duties of a senior US official in Iraq.

The Ministry said in a statement that Peshmerga Minister Shoresh Ismail, Undersecretary Serbest Zakin, and senior officials received the senior defense official in the US forces, Brigadier General E John Teichert and the commander of US forces in Erbil, Colonel Goliath to bid farewell to Gen. Teichert for his duties in Iraq.

According to the statement, the Minister of Peshmerga praised the efforts of the high-ranking American leader who had an influential and important role in helping and organizing the Peshmerga forces saying, "We will not forget your long-standing friendship and we are proud of your joint work and sincerity in providing assistance to us in defeating ISIS terrorists."

For his part, Gen. Teichert said "the Peshmerga forces have recorded major victories, they are a force in defense of peace, democracy and stability in the region,” adding, "I am proud that I had a role in empowering these forces... These relationships will remain in my mind." 

The statement added that the Minister and the Ministry's staff wished success to Teichert in his future duties, and offered him the Ministry of Peshmerga Shield and a gift of appreciation and respect for the tasks and efforts he made with the Peshmerga forces.

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