Palestinian consul in Erbil praises Nechirvan, Masoud Barzani for their support of Palestine

Palestinian consul in Erbil praises Nechirvan, Masoud Barzani for their support of Palestine

Shafaq News/ The Palestinian consul general in Iraqi Kurdistan, Nizar Hazuri, praised the region's president, Nechirvan Barzani, and his predecessor, Masoud Barzani, on Wednesday for their support for the Palestinian cause and calls for an end to the war in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The diplomat made those remarks in a speech at the consulate in Erbil on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

"We want a permanent ceasefire and for the Palestinians to have access to food, medicine, and blankets, especially in these cold days," Hazuri said. "Our people in Gaza are living in deprivation and harsh conditions that no human can imagine."

He also said that on this day of solidarity, the Palestinians' message to the world is one of peace and love.

"We renew our greetings to all the peoples of the world who support the Palestinian people and stand by their legitimate national rights to freedom, independence, and peace," Hazuri said.

Hazuri also noted that on this day in 2011, the Palestinian flag was raised over Erbil, signaling the opening of the Palestinian consulate in the Kurdistan Region. He said it was a day of pride for the Palestinian people and their leadership.

"With this important day, we were honored by the Kurdistan Region and its leader, Masoud Barzani, who came to the Palestinian consulate and raised the Palestinian flag with his own hand to embrace the flag of Kurdistan," Hazuri said.

He concluded by thanking President Nechirvan Barzani for his "important speech" in the Meri TV interview and his speech at the cultural forum in Duhok, in which he reiterated the Palestinian people's right to establish an independent state and live in peace.

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