New regulations in Kurdistan to confront the Covid-19 epidemic


Shafaq News / Kurdistan’s Ministry of Interior issued, on Thursday new regulations to confront the Covid-19 spreading.

A statement by the ministry called on all citizens in the Region to commit to health measures.

According to the statement, Kurdistan suspended academic institutions and universities until March 25, while schools will be open for students to perform their exams.

 All national events and memorabilia in March are banned.

The Ministry has decided to ban all meetings, mass gatherings, religious ceremonies and social events specifying a two-million-dinars fine for violating the official regulations.

People, employees, Taxi drivers must adhere to social distancing and wearing masks, otherwise, they will be fined.

The Ministry of health in Kurdistan region registered today 361 new cases, 5 fatalities and 134 recoveries of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.

The total number of cases has reached 111877, while the total number of recoveries currently amounts to 105018. The death toll is 3551. 

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