Masoud Barzani receives a delegation of the Syrian National Coalition


Shafaq News/ The Kurdish leader and the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, expressed his "constant sympathy" with the Syrian people upon his meeting with the Syrian National Coalition's delegation.

A statement received by Shafaq News Agency explained that Barzani received today Wednesday the Head of the Syrian National Coalition, Naser al-Hariri, and his accompanying delegation in Saladin resort.

The statement indicated that the meeting discussed the Syrian political situation and the latest developments in Syria and the region. Al-Hariri expressed his gratitude to Barzani and the Kurdistan region, which has always been sympathetic towards the Syrian people and hosted hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, appraising the March events' anniversary, which marks a significant milestone of the struggle of the people of Kurdistan.

Regarding the Syrian crisis, the statement added that Barzani stressed that he fully supports any solution that achieves peace and safety for all the components of Syria, deeming Afrin events as a source of concern. Barzani said that he follows the conditions of Kurdish people in Syria with great interest, expressing his hope that the Syrian future will be in favor of all Syrian people.

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