Masoud Barzani congratulates the New Baba Sheikh for assuming his position


Shafaq News / The Kurdish leader, Masoud Barzani extended today, Wednesday, his congratulations to "Prince Hazem bin Tahsin Bek", on the occasion of electing him as the "new Baba Sheikh" of the Yazidis. 

Barzani said in his congratulatory message that he congratulates the Emir of the Yazidis, Prince Hazem, the Yazidi Spiritual Council, and all followers of the Yazidi religion, on the occasion of choosing a new Baba Sheikh for the Yazidis.

Barzani stressed the protection of the peculiarities of the Yazidi religion and all the other components in Kurdistan, as well as the tolerance, acceptance, and coexistence in the region.

Last Saturday, Hazem Tahseen Bek was officially announced as the new Baba Sheikh of the Yazidis. The inaugurating ceremony took place in Lalish Temple.

"We will work with Erbil and Baghdad to reconstruct the Sinjar district, and we will strengthen the Yazidis' relations with all the components of Iraq and Kurdistan," the new Baba Sheikh said after assuming his new position.

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