KRG’s MoF: We will distribute salaries as soon as Baghdad sends the funds

KRG’s MoF: We will distribute salaries as soon as Baghdad sends the funds

Shafaq News / The Minister of Finance and Economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Awat Sheikh Janab affirmed, on Saturday, that the ministry will expedite salary distributions as soon as Baghdad sends the funds, noting that Baghdad has not yet fully dispatched the necessary funds, "and we are working on this matter."

KRG stated that minister Janab emphasized, "The number of employees in the Region is relatively small compared to those in Iraq, yet the issue has been politicized. For instance, the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) have a significant number of members, with no clear information on them or how they receive salaries."

Regarding the Region's internal revenues, Janab stated that "despite the limited domestic revenues, they are not solely allocated for salaries but also for projects and investments."

He further added that "Baghdad intends to halt the Region's development under the pretext of the Actual Spending Law, arguing that the Region is more advanced and there should be balance in the development of Iraqi governorates."

"On the issue of salaries, Baghdad intends to punish the Kurdistan Region and its people, not a specific party. The problem between the Region and Iraq is political, not financial or economic."

He emphasized that "Iraq cannot withhold the payment of salaries to 250,000 employees in KRG for political reasons."

Noteworthy, KRG's Council of Ministers had called on the Federal Ministry of Finance in Baghdad to send the dues of salary recipients to the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Region in full and without discrimination.

On Wednesday, 21/2/2024, the Federal Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority in Iraq, decided to obligate both Prime Ministers Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and Masrour Barzani to localize the salaries of employees and workers in the public sector at federal banks.

Salaries are among the main outstanding issues between the Iraqi and the Kurdish governments, along with the oil export and disputed areas.

The Court's new decision has sparked anger and criticism among Kurdish politicians, with some claiming that the decision is unconstitutional and politically motivated and that it undermines the autonomy and finances of the Kurdistan Region.

However, some observers and experts argue that the decisions are correct and consistent with the law and the constitution and that they will ensure the rights of everyone and end the suffering of the Region's employees.

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