A new delegation from Kurdistan Regional Government to visit Baghdad


Shafaq News / The Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources of Kurdistan Regional Government, Bikard Talabani announced on Thursday that a delegation from the ministry will visit the capital, Baghdad soon to negotiate with the federal government to exchange the financial dues for the farmers of the region for the marketing of wheat crops.

Talabani told reporters in front of the parliament building of the region that a delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture will visit Baghdad during the next two weeks on the issue of financial dues to farmers from Kurdistan Region.

She added that the ministry had provided the negotiating regional delegation to the federal government with a file related to farmers' dues, and the delegation included it in its program package.

Dozens of farmers demonstrated on Monday in front of Kurdistan Regional Parliament building in Erbil city to protest against the failure of the federal government to pay their financial dues for the wheat crop.

 The demonstrators also called for the regional government and parliament to form a joint committee to negotiate with the federal government to spend the remainder of their dues.

Baghdad sent last year an amount of 51 billion dinars to the region as a payment for farmers' dues.

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