KRG launches salaries and tax cuts

KRG launches salaries and tax cuts

Shafaq News/ On Wednesday, The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced the disbursement of salaries for the Region's employees for February and readiness to distribute salaries for March.

The Federal Supreme Court of Iraq, the highest judicial authority, has issued a ruling mandating that the Kurdistan Regional Government transfer all oil and non-oil revenues to the federal government in Baghdad. Additionally, the court has ordered the "localization" of salaries for all regional employees in federal banks. This decision has resulted in the halt of salary disbursements, leading to numerous strikes across various sectors.

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, speaking after a cabinet session, stated, "We have decided to distribute February salaries and have directed the Ministry of Finance accordingly. We are also prepared to provide salaries for March and the upcoming months."

Barzani added, "We hold the federal government ethically accountable for fulfilling its promises to ensure salary payments. We have fulfilled all our obligations and aim for this to mark a new phase of timely salary distribution."

"In the cabinet meeting, we issued several other resolutions aimed at alleviating the heavy economic burden on the people of Kurdistan," he said.

The Kurdish Prime Minister noted, "We have decided that the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism will commence providing and distributing land plots to all government employees who are not benefiting from government support."

"We have requested a 20% reduction in accumulated electricity bills and instructed relevant ministries accordingly. Additionally, we seek to reduce accumulated traffic fines by 20%, meat import fees by 50%, university study fees by 20%, and exempt late payment penalties for social security," Barzani further explained.

He also instructed the Ministry of Municipalities to reduce accumulated water fees by 20% and rental fees by 20%, and waive late payment penalties for income earners and low-income individuals.

Expressing hope that "these measures will aid the people of Kurdistan," Barzani thanked the citizens for their "resilience" and expressed his desire "to overcome this period and lift the blockade on the Kurdistan Region, ending the economic crisis."

He emphasized the need "to achieve positive outcomes with the federal government on all outstanding issues," concluding, "We are committed to all responsibilities and will continue our efforts to serve the people of Kurdistan better."

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