KDP-PUK meeting postponed until further notice

KDP-PUK meeting postponed until further notice

Shafaq News / A scheduled meeting between the electoral institutions of the two major parties in the Kurdistan region, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), has been postponed until an unspecified later date.

The parties had previously held a meeting at the end of February in which they confirmed that they had reached an understanding to hold general elections this year. They had also agreed to hold further meetings to finalize the election format after resolving some remaining contentious points.

The two sides agreed to hold a meeting yesterday, but the PUK requested a postponement until Monday. However, the meeting was postponed again upon the request of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan due to the leader of their delegation falling ill.

The legal department official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Hawar Mohammad, had previously announced in a statement on Friday that the delegations of both parties would visit other Kurdish parties to discuss component seats and a mechanism to amend the election law.

Mohammad added that the two sides had discussed issues related to the four-district system and seat distribution based on statistics from the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce. They had also agreed on two formulas for the lists and the use of voter records belonging to the Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq.

Regarding the proportional representation seats for the components (quota), Mohammad confirmed that his party would let the components themselves decide their fate. He explained that around 400,000 eligible voters would be able to participate in the upcoming elections.

Officials from the KDP and PUK had held a joint press conference after the meeting of their electoral institutions on February 28, confirming that they had reached a common understanding to hold elections during this year.

According to sources that attended the meeting, the parties reached a common understanding through four points of agreement.

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