Floods in Kurdistan kill two other victims

Floods in Kurdistan kill two other victims

Shafaq News/ A teenager died when his foot slipped and fell in the floods in the Chamchamal district in Al-Sulaymaniyah Governorate.

Today, the municipality said that the Ramiar Bakhtiar, 15, and two other people were fishing from the "Chamchamal" bridge when one fell into the water and died.

Yesterday evening, another man passed away after being hit by a thunderbolt.

Earlier, Erbil Governor, Omid Khoshnaw, announced that flash floods killed at least twelve.

Khoshnaw said in a press conference that the authorities had taken new decisions regarding the floods, adding that they would launch an inventory of the damage caused by the floods and a campaign to remove rubble from the streets.

He pointed out that trespassing on state land is the leading cause of floods.

"The outcome amounted to 12 victims, including Turks, Filipinos, and a young Yazidi," he said, noting that the search was still underway for a missing infant.

Later, the Kurdish President, Nechirvan Barzani, allocated one billion dinars to help those affected by the floods in Erbil.

In a statement, Barzani's office said that these funds would be allocated to purchase household supplies for people affected by the floods, in addition to securing foodstuffs and helping to clean and rehabilitate damaged homes.

 He added that the campaign would start on Saturday morning and continue "until the houses of the affected families are rehabilitated."

The statement indicated that this aid would be distributed through the Rawangah Foundation in cooperation with the Erbil Governorate and the Barzani Charitable Foundation.

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