Erbil thanks China for supporting the Region


Shafaq News/ Erbil Governor, Omed Khoshnaw, thanked China for assisting the Kurdistan Region in confronting the Coronavirus pandemic and following up the displaced file.

Khoshnaw said in a joint press conference of the Chinese Consul General in Kurdistan, Ni Ruchi, and the Barzani Charitable Foundation, "China is of the first countries to provide us the Coronavirus vaccine; it has offered 130,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine to medical centers." Adding that the Chinese Consulate was the first that supported the Kurdish Government, with aid and logistical support, by “the time we opened the displacement camps."

On the other hand, Khoshnaw indicated that the Iraqi Government did not supply the Region with the required quantities of coronavirus vaccines.

On the issue of displacement in Iraq, the Governor said that the Kurdistan Regional Government considers the support of the displaced a humanitarian and moral responsibility, saying," we are with securing their needs and addressing the problems they face. Therefore, as long as they are here, we will help them."

On the sideline of the joint conference, China distributed aid to the displaced people in the Harshm Camp in Erbil.

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