Erbil's Flowers Bazaar: A Vibrant Mosaic of Handicrafts Bridging Generations

Erbil's Flowers Bazaar: A Vibrant Mosaic of Handicrafts Bridging Generations

Shafaq News/ Erbil, the capital city of the Kurdistan region, burst into a vibrant celebration of artistic craftsmanship today, Thursday, with the inauguration of the Flowers Bazaar for Handicrafts.

The event, beautifully curated, serves as a platform for both burgeoning young talents and seasoned artisans, bringing forth "opportunities to promote their work," in the words of the bazaar's supervisor.

Crafting an intricate tapestry of culture and commerce, the bazaar paints an endearing image of the community's shared heritage and creativity.

Najiba Abdul Rahman, the organizer of the event, told Shafaq News Agency, "this exhibition is teeming with a plethora of artisans, each showcasing an array of exquisite handmade crafts that span various disciplines, including painting and a myriad of other handicrafts."

"The event provides a fertile ground for owners of small enterprises to display and promote their merchandise, culminating in not only financial gain but also in strengthening the bond within the community," she elaborated, "the vibrant tableau of participants comprises both the live youth and the experienced elderly, creating a harmonious blend of fresh perspectives and timeless wisdom."

Offering an artist's perspective, Salah Dakheel Hamd, a participant, shared his unique contribution to the event.

"I am a panel painter. Panel paintings are basically paintings made on flat panels of wood. But I also amalgamate elements of ceramic and stone into them. My creations encompass Baghdadi themes, faceless African art, Babylonian representations, and pieces adorned with Quranic verses," he said.

"The pricing spectrum of these paintings spans from a modest 5,000 to a maximum of 15,000 Iraqi dinars," he added, noting the high demand for such distinct artworks at the bazaar.

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