Ecotourism hidden gem in Erbil: Kanyerash and Perzhe waterfalls


Shafaq News/ Despite the abundance of monumental sightseeings in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region still offers a variety of hidden gems and picturesque close-to-nature getaways that often go for granted.

Nestled in a peaceful valley in the North of Erbil, Kanyerash and Perzhe waterfalls boasts spectacular scenery and a sprawling collection of enchanting terrain, including a network of snow tunnels excavated by water inside the mountains and a cool breeze boosting a temperature at a maximum of 20 Degrees Celsius in summer's hottest days.

The spokesperson of the Commission of Tourism in the Kurdistan Region, Nader Rusti, said that the favorable weather temperature attracts the locals to Kanyerash and Perzhe waterfalls to savor the unique art of nature.

Rusti warned of the hazards of roaming inside the snow tunnels, as they may collapse if the snow supporting the roof melts.

The breathtaking scenes of Kanyerash and Perzhe waterfalls in Erbil are a must-see experience for landscape photographers and ecotourism fanatics.

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