Clashes between SDF and Turkish factions in northern Syria


Shafaq News / Security sources in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Monday that Pro-Turkish Syrian factions shell the countryside of Ain Issa in northern Syria.

"Clashes between The Turkish factions and SDF escalate after the Turkish factions intensively bombed the villages of Al-Wasita, Jabhel and Al-Musharafa, northeast of Ain Issa” The sources told Shafaq News Agency.

They added "the bombing is still continuing until this moment. No causalities were recorded."

The sources also reported that Russian warplanes are flying in Ain Issa, as well as in Manbij between the Military Council and the Turkish-backed factions."

Ain Issa, where the clashes erupted, sits along the M4 highway that links major Syrian cities and where the Russian-Turkish patrols usually take place.

Ain Issa, east of the Euphrates (Al-Furat) River, also has a sprawling camp for displaced people where the SDF has held families of ISIS fighters, including foreigners.

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