Al-Sulaymaniyah expects a less-deadlier second COVID-19 wave hinting at rampant learning suspension


Shafaq News / The Director-General of al-Sulaymaniyah Health Directorate, Dr. Sabah Hawrami, ruled out higher mortality anticipations during the second wave of COVID-19, hinting at rampant school closure if the case counts spikes again.

Hawrami said in a press conference held today, "COVID-19 would not be as dangerous as last year. If we all adhere to the preventive measures, we will not suffer a major disaster."

He stressed that al-Sulaymaniyah Health Directorate keeps tabs over schools indicating all in-person learning might be suspended if coronavirus rates climb again.

Dr. Hawrami said that the directorate might resort to attenuated measures before the total suspension of learning activities. He added that teaching might be a combination of online and in-person attendance, indicating, "there is no total suspension looming so far."

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