Patriarch Sako of Chaldean Church Arrives in Erbil

Patriarch Sako of Chaldean Church Arrives in Erbil

Shafaq News/ Patriarch of the Chaldean Church in Iraq and the world, Louis Sako, arrived Friday evening in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region.

Patriarch Sako was received at Erbil International Airport by the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Fadel Mirani, the Minister of Endowment and Religious Affairs, Pshtiwan Sadiq, and the Minister of Transport and Communications, Anu Jawhar.

In a press conference, Sako said he was "sad to leave the city of peace (Baghdad) because of the injustice by the Presidency of the Republic, which issued a decree without any legal justification."

He added that he had been asked to go to Najaf but refused because "there are no Christians there."

The Patriarch said he would stay in Erbil until the decree was withdrawn and the situation returned to normal. He also said he would appeal the decision of the Iraqi President, and if that were unsuccessful, he would "internationalize the case."

It is worth noting that the Republican decree had been withdrawn from Cardinal Louis Sako in response to the request made by Rayan al-Kaldani, the leader of the Babylon faction affiliated with the Popular Mobilization Forces.

The step has sparked anger among Iraqi Christians.

During a recent meeting with the Chargé d'Affairs of the Vatican Embassy in Iraq, President Rashid clarified the decision to withdraw the decree, citing the lack of a constitutional or legal basis for its issuance.

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