Iraqi politician warns of US sanctions risk over Iran gas deal

Iraqi politician warns of US sanctions risk over Iran gas deal

Shafaq News/ A former Iraqi MP has warned that the Iraqi government's agreement to exchange gas for black oil with Iran could lead to further US sanctions.

Mithal Al-Alusi told Shafaq News agency that the agreement could be seen as a "circumvention" of US sanctions against Iran.

"The Iraqi government is required to be careful in dealing with trade issues with Iran due to the presence of an American veto," he said.

"Any violation of this veto violates US sanctions against Iran."

Al-Alusi said that the US could impose further sanctions on Iraq if it is seen as violating the sanctions.

"Circumventing the US sanctions directed against Iran by the Iraqi government may push Washington to include Iraq with some commercial and financial sanctions," he said.

The Iraqi government has said that the agreement with Iran is necessary to solve the country's electricity crisis.

However, Al-Alusi said that the Iraqi government should find alternative gas sources to avoid further sanctions from the US.

"The interest of Iraq and the Iraqis must be given priority over Iran's economic interest, which is largely economically besieged through US sanctions."

While Iraq experienced a notable improvement in power production in recent months, the supply of electric current to citizens has declined since the beginning of the month, attributed to a reduction in the supply of Iranian gas to Iraqi power plants.

Iraqi officials and parliamentarians argue that Iran has decreased gas supplies due to unpaid debts by Iraq. However, the Ministry of Electricity asserts that it has fully paid its debts to Iran and deposited the funds with the Trade Bank of Iraq.

Representatives and politicians emphasize that the Iraqi Trade Bank cannot transfer the funds to Iran due to economic sanctions imposed on Tehran.

Deputies perceive this as American intervention aimed at exerting pressure on Iran, with the Iraqi citizens ultimately bearing the brunt of the situation.

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