Iraqi, Syrian Interior Ministers sign security cooperation memorandum

Iraqi, Syrian Interior Ministers sign security cooperation memorandum

Shafaq News / On Sunday, the Iraqi and Syrian Interior Ministers announced the signing of a memorandum of security cooperation between the two countries, encompassing five key areas.

During a joint press conference held at the Ministry's headquarters in Baghdad, Iraqi Interior Minister Abdul Amir al-Shammari stated that discussions during the bilateral meeting covered all items on the agenda, resulting in the signing of a memorandum of joint security cooperation between the two nations.

Al-Shammari highlighted that “the memorandum includes provisions for cooperation in combating drug trafficking, border control, extradition of suspects, combating organized crime and money laundering.” He emphasized that all agreed-upon measures and issues will be implemented promptly.

He added that the Syrian Minister had a full agenda for his visit to Baghdad today, during which he will visit various departments and training facilities within the Iraqi Ministry of Interior to familiarize himself with them.

Additionally, he extended an invitation to Syrian police students to participate in training courses offered by Iraqi Interior Ministry institutions.

In his remarks during the conference, Syrian Minister Mohammad Khalid al-Rahmoun discussed various areas of cooperation, particularly in the security field, considering the shared challenges of terrorism and armed terrorist organizations faced by both countries.

Al-Rahmoun noted the “presence of criminal activities conducted by drug trafficking and human trafficking gangs,” stating that “a security cooperation memorandum had been signed to collaborate in combating terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, cyber security, as well as in rehabilitation and training to enforce the law.”

He highlighted past successful cooperation in combating drug trafficking by dismantling networks and seizing drug shipments, affirming the “continuous commitment of both nations to collaborate further.”

Al-Rahmoun emphasized that combating drug trafficking “cannot be achieved by one party alone,” stressing the importance of regional cooperation. He announced that “a comprehensive regional cooperation meeting will be held in Baghdad next July.”

Notably, the Syrian Interior Minister arrived in Baghdad yesterday evening on an official visit that will last several days.

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