Al-Sudani expresses condolences for the victims of Soran fire

Al-Sudani expresses condolences for the victims of Soran fire

Shafaq News / Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani expressed condolences on Saturday for the death of 14 individuals in the residential building fire in the Soran district of the Kurdistan region (KRI).

In a statement released by Al-Sudani's media office, he extended sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims of the tragic fire incident that occurred in the dorm of Soran University in Erbil governorates. Among those affected were 14 individuals, including both students and professors.

The statement further indicated that Al-Sudani directed the relevant authorities to provide all necessary assistance required to treat the injured resulting from this tragic incident.

Yesterday evening, 14 professors and graduate students lost their lives due to a fire that erupted inside a residential building in the Soran area.

Dr. Kamran Mulla Mohammed Al-Shirawani, the Director-General of Health in the Soran area administration, informed Shafaq News Agency that "14 individuals died in the fire catastrophe that broke out in the building. Among the victims were Syrian and Iranian citizens and individuals from Baghdad, with two individuals from the Soran area administration."

He added that "seven injured individuals were transported to Soran Hospital for treatment, five of whom were discharged yesterday, leaving only two patients remaining under intensive medical care."

In contrast, the President of Soran University, Shirawan Sherif Qurtas, clarified that the residential building involved in the tragic fire incident was not part of the university's dorm, as circulated in the media. Instead, a group of professors and postgraduate students had rented the building to reside in during official working days and study times.

Qurtas emphasized, "We did not rent the building for students' accommodation due to its non-compliance with safety conditions. However, a group of professors and postgraduate students rented it, and unfortunately, the incident claimed the lives of several university professors and one doctoral graduate from our university."

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