Soran officially announced as an independent administration in the Kurdistan region

Soran officially announced as an independent administration in the Kurdistan region
Shafaq News/ A ceremony for declaring an independent administration in the Kurdistan Region took place today, Tuesday, in Soran district.

 The ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, Interior Minister Rebar Ahmed, Planning Minister Dara Rashid, Erbil Governor Umid Khushnaw, and other government and local officials.

 In a speech during the ceremony, the governor of Erbil congratulated, "the four districts of Soran administration on this occasion", adding, "We have implemented 90 projects in Soran at a financial cost of 13 billion dinars."

There are four governorates in the Kurdistan region, namely Erbil, al-Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, and Halabja, as well as two independent administrations, which are Raperin and Garmyan. Today, Soran has become the third independent administration.

For his part, the region's interior minister said that the aim of declaring Soran an independent administration is to provide more services to its residents, noting that it is also an introduction to turn it into a governorate in the future.

 PM Masrour Barzani said, "with the announcement of the independent Soran administration, a new phase for the region will begin, and a bright future awaits it."

 "We will continue to support this independent administration, which will reduce red tape and relieve great pressure on Erbil", adding, "there are plenty of beautiful areas in the region, but they suffer from security instability. We will work to restore security and develop the tourism and agricultural sector."

 Hallgord Sheikh Najib was appointed as head of the Soran administration by PM Barzani who had signed earlier two decrees to transform Soran in Erbil and Zakho in Duhok into two independent administrations.

Independent administrations in the Kurdistan Region have wide powers and independent government directorates.

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