Kurdish blocs warns of the consequences of approving the Federal Court law

Kurdish blocs warns of the consequences of approving the Federal Court law

Shafaq News/ Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi Parliament warned that current formula of the Federal Supreme Court bill undermines the civil principles of the Iraqi state, threatening to boycott the legislative sessions if the Parliament passes it.

MP of Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Iraqi parliament, Diyar Barwari, told Shafaq News Agency, "the negotiations are ongoing and continuous between the political forces and the Presidium of Parliament in order to reach consensus towards legislating the Federal Court law or amending the previous law."

 He added, "We have no difference whether the new Federal Court law was voted or the previous law was amended. What is important to us is the mechanism of the court’s work, and ensuring the rights of the Kurdistan Region in the disputes that may occur as a result of issuing laws or decisions."

 Berwari stressed, "We want a federal court that defends everyone in the same national and professional manner without any politicization. Therefore, if these issues are not guaranteed, we will boycott the voting session on the amendment of the law or the new bill."

 Berwari added,"there is a real intention to legislate the law during today's session. For this reason, the dialogues are continuing and we will also show flexibility in the dialogues in order to pass the law."

MP of al-Amal al-Kurdistaniya, Bahar Mahmoud, said in a statement to Shafaq News Agency, “al-Amal al-Kurdistaniya and KDP blocs boycotted the voting session on the first amendment to the Federal Court Law."

"Passing the Federal Court law according to what some political forces want is a disaster.  In Iraq, it will turn into a non-civil regime."

 The member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee continued, "the amendment of the Federal Court Law is unconstitutional, as it has not been legislated during four parliamentary terms. Even the amendment by a simple majority is unconstitutional, and it must be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives."

 Mahmoud revealed, "the dialogues are continuing for the sake of enacting the new Federal Court law, and its passage will take place after resolving disputes over the postponed paragraphs."

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