The death of Daewoo chief executive of the Grand Faw project will not affect it, Ministry of Transport says

The death of Daewoo chief executive of the Grand Faw project will not affect it, Ministry of Transport says

Shafaq News/ The death of a top executive of Daewoo Engineering and Construction (Daewoo E&C) ignited debate and draw the attention back to the construction process of the Grand Faw port in Basra governorate, Southern Iraq.

While Iraqi civil organizations are blaming several parties for hampering the project and preventing its implementation, Former MPs and officials have been accusing governmental agencies of "colluding" with neighboring countries to prevent its construction, as the establishment and development of the port represents a threat to the commercial activity of the ports of neighboring countries, according to specialists.

The director of the South Korean "Daewoo" company, in charge of the construction of the Grand Faw port, was found dead on Friday morning, October 9, in the company's compound in Basra.

The Iraqi Ministry of Transport rapidly emphasized the continuation of the project and the work its completion by the Korean company itself.

The ministry confirmed today, Monday, that it is proceeding with the Grand Faw port project with the Korean company Daewoo, while noting that it will sign five contracts in the next few days to start implementing the project.

The ministry's spokesman, Faleh Hadi, said in a statement received by Shafaq News agency, "The Ministry of Transport will sign, in the coming days, a contract with the Korean Daewoo Company for three and a half years to implement the Faw port project".

He added, "the cost of the project is currently unstable. It will be announced upon signing the contract with the Korean company", noting, "the contract includes five contracts, which are the construction of five berths, the construction of a tunnel from Al-Faw to Khor Al-Zubair area, digging the canal and the dock, and the construction of the main road for the port".

The Grand port of Al-Faw, located in the Al-Faw Peninsula, south of Basra Governorate, will cost around 4.6 billion euros according to estimates. The planned capacity of the port will be at 99 million tons annually, which makes it
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