French Government Implements Measures to Address Protests and Violence Ahead of National Day

French Government Implements Measures to Address Protests and Violence Ahead of National Day

Shafaq News/ The French government has introduced an "extensive" package of measures to protect citizens amidst anticipated protests and violence on National Day, July 14.

Protesters are demonstrating against police behavior, and the government is taking steps to control street unrest and ease tensions, particularly regarding the immigrant issue.

After recent demonstrations on Saturday, Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne pledged in an interview with "Le Parisien" to deploy "extensive means to protect the French" on National Day. The protests, triggered by the killing a young man of Algerian origin named Nael by a police officer, have been unprecedented since 2005.

Opposition parties have criticized the government for handling security and economic shocks in the country over the past two weeks.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front party, accused the government of turning the country into a "hell" and blamed the chaos on protesters from immigrant backgrounds.

Political analysts point out that the government's neglect of social crises, such as social violence, restricted freedoms, and the immigrant crisis, has contributed to the anger on the streets. Failing to address these issues adequately may lead to escalating violence, directly threatening President Emmanuel Macron. They emphasize the need for the government to act swiftly to contain public anger and address the underlying causes.

Nizar al-Jilidi, a political analyst, highlights the economic crisis as a contributing factor to the current anger and warns of a possible escalation on July 14. He criticizes the government's handling of the Nael case, emphasizing the need for justice and discussions on immigrant issues to prevent the exacerbation of tensions and a sense of separatism.

To maintain order and prevent a resurgence of violence, the government has implemented several measures, including banning the sale of fireworks to individuals due to their misuse during protests and considering penalties for families of young men involved in acts of violence.

Since June 27, have been 30 demonstrations against the police, damaging security force buildings and schools. Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin reported that 3,000 people had been arrested during the protests. The economic losses from the demonstrations are estimated at one billion euros, excluding losses in tourism revenue.

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