The cabinet: France and Iraq relations extend many years

The cabinet: France and Iraq relations extend many years

Shafaq News / The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, announced on Thursday during his meeting with the Minister of the French Armies, Florence Parly, that his government had thwarted attempts to weaken the Iraqi army.

This came in a statement by the Prime Minister, which said:

“During the meeting with the French delegation, they discussed the security situation in Iraq and the region, and supporting Iraq’s efforts in its war against terrorism.

 "The Prime Minister affirmed that the Iraqi government is keen to develop partnership with France, particularly in rehabilitating Iraqi security capabilities, developing their combat capabilities, and enhancing the exchange of security information."

 "France is a strategic partner to Iraq in its war against ISIS, in addition to being a friendly country, and the relations between Iraq and France are solid relations that extend for many years."

For her part, Parly affirmed France's determination to stand with Iraq in the war against terrorism, and to support the Iraqi security forces, especially since France has participated in the international coalition in the war against ISIS.

She added that France shares with Iraq that ISIS still a threat to Iraq and the region, especially its terrorist activities in Syria, and we are continuing to confront it, noting the important role that the international coalition plays in confronting ISIS, especially with regard to air support and information exchange.

The Minister of the French Armies expressed her country's readiness to resume training efforts for the Iraqi forces that were suspended due to the Corona pandemic, as soon as possible.

Al-Kadhimi and the French Minister of Armies also discussed the situation in Syria and its impact on the stability of Iraq and the region.

Parly arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday evening to express her support for the new Iraqi government, which is facing a political, economic and health crisis, which is the second visit by a French minister to Iraq within 6 weeks.

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