UN Strongly condemns Israeli order for 1.1 million Palestinians to move south in Gaza

UN Strongly condemns Israeli order for 1.1 million Palestinians to move south in Gaza

Shafaq News/ The United Nations has vehemently criticized the Israeli army's directive, which mandates around 1.1 million Palestinians in Gaza to relocate to the south of the Strip within the next 24 hours.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric stated that such an order if implemented, would lead to devastating humanitarian consequences and urged for its immediate cancellation.

According to Dujarric, the order applies not only to Palestinians but also to all United Nations employees and individuals residing in UN-affiliated facilities, including schools, health centers, and clinics.

"The United Nations strongly appeals for any such order, if confirmed, to be rescinded, avoiding what could transform what is already a tragedy into a calamitous situation," he said.

The Israeli army confirmed the evacuation notice by urging Gaza City residents to leave their homes and head south "for safety."

The statement highlighted that Hamas, the militant Palestinian organization, had initiated "hostilities" against Israel, prompting military operations in Gaza City.

The Israeli statement stressed that Gaza City had become a "battleground" where Hamas militants used civilian areas, homes, and buildings as hiding places. It cautioned residents to distance themselves from these areas, emphasizing that they would not be allowed to return to Gaza City unless an official statement permitted it.

The Israeli Defense Forces indicated their intention to continue significant operations in Gaza City.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported on Thursday evening that the casualties from the Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip had surged to 1,537, with more than 6,612 people sustaining injuries. Simultaneously, the ministry noted a rising death toll in the West Bank, reaching 32 people, with over 600 others injured. Among the wounded, 190 individuals required hospital treatment.

The escalating conflict heavily affects Palestinian communities, with the Gaza Strip and the West Bank facing significant humanitarian challenges.

The population of Gaza is already living under a complete siege imposed this week in retaliation for Saturday's Hamas deadly attacks on the Israeli-occupied areas on the borders with Gaza that killed and arrested hundreds, including many Israeli soldiers. Palestinians living there are without electricity, water, and fuel.

International efforts to mediate and bring about a ceasefire remain ongoing as the situation in the region remains dire.

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