Trump officially becomes Republican nominee in 2020 elections


Shafaq news/ President Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party’s presidential nominee Monday after a scaled-down group of delegates gathered for a roll-call vote.

“I am pleased to announce the official renomination of Donald Trump for President” Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee tweeted after the end of the convention.

She added, “"We go forward confident in our cause of re-electing President & Vice President 70 days from now", declared that, “His state, Florida, has given him the number of delegates he needs, our party is united, our activists are full of energy, and we are ready for four new years.”

Trump is the first impeached president to be nominated for a second term.

The majority of the US Democratic Party had previously voted in favor of nominating former Vice President Obama, Joe Biden, to compete with President Donald Trump in the presidential elections scheduled for the third of next November.

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