Trump mocks Biden in bizarre video

Trump mocks Biden in bizarre video

Shafaq News / Donald Trump posted a bizarre video mocking President Joe Biden in his State of the Union address after his pivotal appearance as a competitor in 2024 before millions of Americans on Thursday.

In a strange post on the former president's Instagram account following Biden's significant speech at the US Capitol building, Trump used a video clip of the president's speech from last year.

The clips featured four different filters on the faces of the president and Vice President Kamala Harris to distort them.

One filter showed Biden and Harris with bulging eyes, the next wearing two braided hair bun hats, another depicted Biden with a Pinocchio-like nose, while the fourth filter imposed a dog's head speaking on Biden's body.

The video clips appeared to have been randomly selected, and there was no commentary on the post.

One of the many posts Trump made throughout the evening was that Biden criticized during a speech delivered at prime time without ever mentioning him by name, referring only to the potential Republican presidential candidate as "selfie."

Trump also angrily posted on his "Truth Social" account throughout the night after promising a direct commentary on the State of the Union address. Some of the over 50 "truths" he posted included images.

There were a few short lines about Iran, Putin, Ukraine, and borders. However, some of his responses entirely focused on Biden's appearance rather than his policies. A post stated, "His hair in the front is much better than in the back!" Another message stated that Biden "looks very angry when he speaks," and another said, "He is very angry and crazy!"

At the same time, it seems that the social media platform used by Trump faced problems throughout the president's speech, with the "Downdetector" platform, an online platform providing users with information about the status of various websites, showing that "Truth Social" was experiencing disruptions.

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