Syria’ Derik celebrates Christmas


Shafaq News / Christians gathered today Friday in Derik (Al-Malikiyah) in Syria to celebrate Christmas.

As part of strict measures against the Corona pandemic, fewer Christians participated in the mass on Christmas.

 “This year, Celebrations are limited because of the Corona pandemic.” Priest of the Evangelical Christian Union Church Naim Youssef told Shafaq News Agency.

For her part; Suad Eshoue said “usually we organize parties for days in Christmas occasion, but due to Corona virus, we limited our activities.”

Derik known as al-Malikiyah in Arabic is a small Syrian district, administratively related to Qamishli, al-Jazira region in northeastern Syria with a population around 80,000.

The town is about 20 km (12 mi) west of the Tigris river which defines the triple border between Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

Derik has a mixed population, where it is now inhabited by Kurds, Syriacs, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Arabs and Armenians.

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