Red Sea underwater cable accident disrupts global internet and communications

Red Sea underwater cable accident disrupts global internet and communications

Shafaq News/ On Monday, officials said that an accident in the Red Sea led to severing of three underwater marine cables crucial for global internet and communications.

The damaged cables include Asia-Africa-Europe 1, the Europe India Gateway, Seacom, and TGN-Gulf, affecting 25% of the traffic flowing through the Red Sea, as Hong Kong-based HGC Global Communications stated. The cause of the cable cuts was not specified.

Global concerns were raised about the cables being targeted by the Houthis.

The disruption of telecommunication lines could further escalate the ongoing crisis, which has already impacted global shipping through the Red Sea, a vital route for cargo and energy shipments between Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Seacom, one of the affected cable providers, reported that initial testing indicated the affected segment lay within Yemeni maritime jurisdictions in the Southern Red Sea. The company is rerouting traffic but noted some services are down.

The Houthis denied these allegations, blaming disruptions on British and U.S. military operations.

The Houthi group has been launching missiles and drones at commercial ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden since November 19, protesting Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip. Despite U.S.-led airstrikes, the rebels have maintained their capability to launch significant attacks.

According to the Associated Press, there are currently 14 cables running through the Red Sea, with another six planned. Over 90% of communications between Europe and Asia traverse these submarine cables in the Red Sea, providing a high degree of redundancy.

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