Putin and Lula emphasize unity and development at BRICS Summit

Putin and Lula emphasize unity and development at BRICS Summit

Shafaq News/ Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a significant address at the BRICS summit in South Africa, highlighting the alliance's commitment to meeting the aspirations of a substantial portion of the global population.

In a recorded message to the gathering of BRICS nations, Putin underscored the core tenets of their cooperation, emphasizing principles of equality, partnership, mutual support, and respect for shared interests. He asserted that these foundational principles guide the alliance's strategic trajectory, aligning seamlessly with the objectives of the broader international community, which he referred to as the "global majority."

Putin also turned his attention to trade matters, reiterating Russia's dedication to acting as a dependable food supplier to the African continent.

In a noteworthy development, Putin announced a notable increase in grain exports to Africa, underscoring Russia's commitment to bolstering its role and contributions to the continent's food security.

The Russian leader delved into the significance of the BRICS Bank, highlighting its emergence as a viable alternative to Western financial institutions. He acknowledged the challenges posed by fluctuations in energy prices and the actions of certain nations that disregard global responsibilities.

Putin's proactive stance was further evident as he expressed his willingness to distribute Russian fertilizers currently held in Western ports without charge.

In turn, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva emphasized the BRICS bloc's intention to organize and foster the development of the Global South. Lula clarified that the bloc's objectives do not revolve around challenging the G7 or G20, nor do they seek to oppose the United States. Instead, the focus is on self-organization and elevating the prominence of member nations on the world stage.

Comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the BRICS alliance convened for its first in-person summit since the Covid-19 pandemic's onset. Putin participated through a video call due to an International Criminal Court arrest warrant issued in March. Nonetheless, the discussions were characterized by robust engagement and forward-looking dialogue.

South African officials revealed that over 40 countries had expressed interest in joining the BRICS coalition, with nearly two dozen formally seeking admission. Representatives from aspiring countries are expected to engage with the bloc in Johannesburg soon.

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