Nikki Haley criticizes Trump ahead of republican primaries

Nikki Haley criticizes Trump ahead of republican primaries

Shafaq News / Nikki Haley, the sole contender against Donald Trump in the race to secure the Republican Party's nomination for the upcoming presidential elections, delivered her harshest criticisms of the Republican billionaire on Tuesday, describing him as "unhinged."

Haley, who trails behind Trump in the polls, refuses to withdraw from the primaries, which has sparked the ire of Trump's campaign seeking to unify Republicans against several legal issues he faces.

Just days before the primaries scheduled for Saturday in her stronghold of South Carolina, where she is expected to suffer a crushing defeat at the hands of the former president, Haley observed that Trump "is becoming more hostile and aggressive over time."

Addressing her supporters, she stated, "He is completely distracted, and obsessed with demons from his past to the point where he cannot focus on the future Americans deserve."

Haley served as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations during Trump's presidency and pledged to continue her campaign despite warnings from Republicans that she is damaging the party's chances of defeating Democratic President Joe Biden in November.

"I do not fear Trump's retaliation," Haley declared, "and I refuse to surrender."

Trump's statements over the past weekend elicited condemnatory responses, as he indicated he would encourage Russia to attack NATO countries that fail to meet their financial obligations to the alliance.

"It is not normal to spend $50 million on a fundraising campaign for personal legal issues," Haley remarked, referring to Trump's legal troubles.

She added, "It is not normal to threaten people who support your opponent, and it is not normal to call on Russia to invade NATO-affiliated countries."

Although Haley lags behind Trump by over 50 percentage points in the Republican primaries, she insists that her chances are greater in defeating Biden in the national elections.

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