King Salman: The Kingdom is a peace mediator in the region


Shafaq News/ Saudi King Salman said the Kingdom was working hard to support stability and balance in oil markets, including by establishing and maintaining the agreement of the OPEC+ alliance.

"Our country is working hard within its energy strategy to support the stability and balance of global oil markets," King Salman said, as the Saudi Press Agency reported, "as petroleum is an essential element in supporting the growth of the global economy.

King Salman bin Abdulaziz said in an address to the Kingdom's advisory Shura Council that his country was a peace mediator and highlighted the crown prince's initiative to release POWs from Russia last month.

King Salman called on Iran to fulfill its nuclear commitments and cooperate with the U.N. nuclear agency.

The Saudi King tackled several regional and international issues.

In Yemen, King Salman reiterated the Kingdom's support for all efforts that can contribute to a permanent ceasefire and initiate a political process between the Yemeni government and the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

He also voiced the importance of ending the Houthis' "provocative violations" in Yemen.

Regarding Lebanon, the King said it was essential to implement comprehensive political and economic reforms that help the country overcome its crisis.

"It's also important for the government to impose its authority on all Lebanese territories to [maintain] security and confront drug smuggling operations and terrorist activities launched from there, threatening the region's stability and security."

On the Iraqi issue, King Salman expressed the Kingdom's support to Baghdad, considering Iraq's security and stability is an essential pillar for the security and stability of the region." 

The Saudi King called to "develop aspects of cooperation" with Iraq., confirming his support "in confronting terrorist groups and armed militias."

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