Iran issues death threats to UK-based journalists for covering anti-regime protests


Shafaq News/ Two British-Iranian journalists working in the UK for an independent Farsi-language channel have received "credible" death threats from Iran's security forces, the channel's broadcaster said Monday.

Volant Media, the London-based broadcaster of Iran International TV channel, said in a statement that two of its journalists have received "death threats from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps", calling this a "dangerous escalation" of attempts to suppress independent media.

"These are state-sponsored threats to journalists in the UK," a spokesman for Volant Media was quoted as saying.

The Revolutionary Guards "cannot be allowed to silence a free press in the UK", he added.

The channel is covering the anti-regime protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini for allegedly breaching strict dress rules for women.

Volant Media said that two journalists received formal "warnings of credible threats to their lives" and those of their families, from London's Metropolitan Police.

Volant Media said the police force had also notified other journalists of threats.

The Met said in a response sent to AFP that "we do not comment on matters of protective security in relation to any specific individuals".

Source: AFP

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