German state security officials warn of possible ISIS threat to Euro 2024 Championship

German state security officials warn of possible ISIS threat to Euro 2024 Championship

Shafaq News / German state security officials have warned that a branch of ISIS may target the UEFA European Championship 2024, scheduled to take place in Germany this summer.

This comes as this week saw a clear threat from the organization against stadiums hosting UEFA Champions League matches across Europe.

Despite these threats, all matches proceeded without any incidents.

However, concerns are mounting once again ahead of the highly anticipated European competition, set to run from June 14th to July 14th.

According to the German newspaper "Bild", the latest issue of a propaganda magazine affiliated with ISIS-Khorasan released a new threat believed by German security officials to be specifically aimed at "Euro 2024".

One of the illustrations in the magazine depicts a militant holding a pistol and wearing camouflage clothing aboard a German S-Bahn tram, accompanied by the phrase "Last call before departure." Next to the militant, there is a box labeled "explosives," alongside a sign reading "Welcome to Europe."

German officials believe that ISIS-Khorasan has an organized network comprising more than 100 "operatives" in Western Europe, with 50 in Germany alone.

One official told "Bild": "These propaganda images indicate that the organization intends to carry out attacks, regardless of how and by whom they are carried out."

He added, "To achieve this goal, all potential attackers, including lone wolf offenders, are now being called upon to carry out attacks.

ISIS is an ultraconservative Sunni extremist group that emerged in the early 2000s. It aims to establish a caliphate, or Islamic state, governed by strict Sharia law.

It gained global attention for its brutal tactics, including mass executions, kidnappings, and the persecution of religious and ethnic minorities.

At its peak, ISIS controlled significant territories in Iraq and Syria, but military efforts by various international coalitions, including the United States and local forces, have significantly weakened the group.

Despite territorial losses, ISIS remains a threat through its global network of sympathizers and affiliates, engaging in terrorist activities worldwide.

Previously, "ISIS-Khorasan", an offshoot of ISIS operating actively in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and previously within Russia, has claimed responsibility for the attack that unfolded at Crocus City Hall just outside Moscow, resulting in the deaths of at least 62 people and leaving over 100 others wounded, in one of Russia's worst attacks in years.

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