CDC director: we already have something better than a vaccine to stop COVID-19


Shafaq News/According to BGR website, CDC director Robert Redfield recently said that mask-wearing is more effective at preventing the coronavirus than a vaccine.

CDC director Robert Redfield recently articulated that we already have something more effective than a vaccine: face masks.

While it might be easy to dismiss Redfield’s comments as nothing more than hyperbole, the statement is rooted in science. Again, recall that the first incarnation of the coronavirus vaccine may only be 50% effective. On top of that, some have said that the first coronavirus vaccine could require people to take two doses. If that theory pans out, it would only serve to further reduce the initial quantity of vaccine doses.

What’s more, it’s been proven time and time again that the coronavirus can be stopped dead in its tracks if everyone opts to wear a mask. Indeed, this is why some countries in Asia — where mask-wearing has long been common — weren’t hit as hard by the coronavirus pandemic in the first place

“We have clear scientific evidence they work,” Redfield said recently of masks during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing. “This face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID19 than when I take a COVID vaccine.

“These face masks are the most powerful public health tool we have,” Redfield added. “I appeal to all Americans to embrace these face coverings.”

As to the latest updates regarding the ongoing work towards a vaccine, it’s possible that different vaccines from different manufacturers will be approved. If two doses are indeed required, individuals will have to have a second dose about three to four weeks after the first one.

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