What happened to "Nergiz-Nergiz" that charmed Iraqis' hearts

What happened to "Nergiz-Nergiz" that charmed Iraqis' hearts

Shafaq News / The Tipa Duhok music band was founded at the end of the 1970s. Its song "Nergiz-Nergiz" was popular throughout Iraq, followed by artistic achievements in Kurdistan and other parts of the country.

The Band Founder

After he graduated from the Music Institute in Baghdad in 1978, Kurdish musician, Dilshad Mohammed Sa'eed, returned to his home city, Duhok, and formed a choir of young musicians.

In 1981 - after the Iraqi Women's Union in Duhok adopted the band – Tipa Duhok presented widely popular works and participated in many art forums in Iraq. Soon after, Tipa Duhok became one of the most famous bands in the country, and its young artists played a prominent role in Kurdish music's development, including violinist Jamal Adeeb.

The Al-Ba'ath Party's era

"In 1984, Dilshad Mohammed Sa'eed traveled to Britain.. Meanwhile, I led the band technically and Jamil Ibrahim Issa was the managing director", said Adeeb. The Ba'ath Party's pressure had divided the band as its members tried to evade commitments - the Party wanted to impose - and work as groups until 1986.

Post-Kurdistan's Uprising

"During the post-uprising period in 1991, the possibilities of providing musical instruments and support were weak. However, Tipa Duhok performed concerts on several occasions, and recorded several national songs in a studio dedicated to the band in the local Duhok TV building", said Jamal Adeeb.

Nechirvan Barzani's role in developing the band

Jamal Adeeb spoke about the stages of restoring the band to the way it was, "In 2004, the head of Kurdistan's government – at the time - Nechirvan Barzani, instructed the Ministry of Culture to provide the financial support, musical instruments, and salaries for the bands' members".

Adeeb said that the band was revived in 2014.. It contributed to recording many songs and performed in many concerts.

ISIS and Kurdistan's budget cut

After the war with ISIS, the federal government cut Kurdistan's budget.. hence, the band was forced to suspend its work.

Jamal Adeeb called on the Ministry of Culture in Duhok to re-activate the band in 2021, "To bring the artists and musicians together and stimulate the artistic activity for all musical, plastic, theatrical, and folk art groups".

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