In spite of the Q.R.F deployment, two security files are yet to be resolved

In spite of the Q.R.F deployment, two security files are yet to be resolved

Shafaq News / Official and popular circles in Diyala have unanimously agreed upon the Quick Reaction Forces (Q.R.F.) success in establishing security and stability al-Abbara and Abi Saida sub-districts. However, the file of wanted and displaced persons is still far from being resolved.

Last year, the Interior Ministry deployed the Q.R.F. to counter violence, tribal conflicts, and ISIS attacks in the territories of Abi Saida and al-Abbara.

Q.R.F. had successfully reduced tribal conflicts by 80%, but they have not been able to achieve similar success in the file of the wanted persons so far, undermining the other security progress they made, according to the Baquba district Deputy Commissioner and the acting director of Abu Saida, Abdullah Ahmed al-Hayyali, "The security and tribal threat in the Abi Saida remains as long as the wanted and fugitive persons roam freely between the villages of Abi Saida."

Al-Hayali called for apprehending the outlaws as soon as possible to preserve security achievements and end an existing threat to the stability of the community in Abi Saida, "although there are free fugitives, the presence of the Q.R.F. has halted the displacement of many families from Abi Saida."

"The security forces are doing their job very well, but success can only be achieved by deterring the wanted persons and seditionists, maintaining the integrity of the community, and preventing any armed phenomena outside law and order," he said.

"Moreover, the success remains incomplete as long as the displaced persons are yet to return, conflicts are not resolved, tribes are still fighting, and the wanted persons are still free despite judicial arrest warrants against them," said Awad al-Rubaie, the chairperson of the security committee of the Abi Saida local council.

"The file of displacement in Abi Saida needs a comprehensive security solution and social reconciliation under the auspices of the security authorities. Otherwise, their situation will return to the way it was once the Q.R.F. withdraw," al-Rubaie continued.

"Q.R.F. has halted the ongoing terrorist attacks except for nocturnal sniper or bombs attacks in remote areas," said Abu Maher al-Tamimi, a resident of al-Abbara.

He continued, "Government and tribal agencies are joining forces with the security commanders to maintain security and stability in Abi Saida and encumber the agendas of some parties in stirring up social and sectarian strife in al-Abbara."

"Al-Abbara sub-district cannot get rid of violence and security threats without real tribal reconciliations, holding wanted persons and outlaws accountable and bringing them to justice, in addition to bolstering the security forces and bridging security gaps in the villages and orchards of the sub-district," he added.

Al-Abbara and Abi Saida sub-districts remain one of the hottest territories in Diyala, with terrorist attacks continue to target civilians and security services despite their proximity to Baquba, the governorate's capital city.

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